Contribute to ASC

As ASC is a non-commercial project, it relies on the contribution of volunteers to keep running and getting better.



Mac OS X port

ASC already runs fine under both Linux/x86 and Linux/PPC. All libraries that ASC depends on are available for Mac OS X. So porting ASC to Mac OS X should be not too difficult. If the build system is documented sufficiently fool proof, we will maintain the Mac OS X port ourself. Please see the MacOSX page for instructions how to build ASC using Fink.


Setting up the build environment to compile ASC for windows is a pain because Windows lacks a standard mechanism for installing libraries. And ASC depends on quite a lot of libraries.

If you want to start with ASC programming without the hassle of setting up the build environment, but don't want to install Linux, you can use our pre-configured development virtual machine. See DevelopmentVM

For the massive task of setting up the Windows build environment, we have a A step by step tutorial.

Other stuff

There is of course really lots to do apart from the Mac port... Just play ASC or use its mapeditor and you will quickly see lots of stuff that could be done better ;)

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