ASC on Mac OS X

We don't offer any compiled packages for MacOS X, any support in building and providing these is greatly appreciated!

But you can compile ASC yourself on MacOS X, ASC 2.1.1 and later should work flawlessly.

Instructions for compiling ASC

  1. Get and install Fink and set it up in the default directory /sw/

  2. Get a source code package of ASC and extract it to your harddisk

  3. Change into the asc directory

  4. run mac_configure

  5. You will most likely get errors because of missing libraries. Find the library in Fink and install it.
    • You need both the normal and the shlibs package, for example sdl and sdl-shlibs

    • Some libraries like physfs may only be found in the unstable repository, which you need to activate if you can't find a library in stable

    • Some libraries may only be available in source code, but Fink can compile them for you
  6. repeat steps 4 and 5 until configure completes sucessfully
  7. run make

  8. if make fails with yet some other library not being found (likely mikmod), install it with Fink and run make again. These problems are typically caused by broken dependencies of the Fink packages, not by ASC

  9. If the build has completed successfully, run sudo make install

  10. Now ASC is installed and ready to be used. Start it with asc or the mapeditor with asc_mapedit


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