ParaGUI  1.1.9
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNPG_InfoParagui Library related functions
oNPG_LogConsoleLogging functions
oCPG_ButtonButton that uses themes
oCPG_CheckButtonA single check button
oCPG_ColorAllows for an abstraction of a particular color
oCPG_ColorsTool-class for descriptive colorvalues
oCPG_ColumnItemListBoxItem with multiple columns
oCPG_DataContainerA container for binary data
oCPG_DropDownA edit / dropdown combo item
oCPG_EventSupplierInterface for classes that supply SDL_Events to Paragui
oCPG_FileFile abstraction for the PhsicsFS (used in conjunction with PG_FileArchive)
oCPG_FileArchiveA C++ wrapper for the PhysicsFS
oCPG_FontFont description class
oCPG_FontEngineC++ Encapsulation of the FreeType engine
oCPG_GradientStructure for widget gradients
oCPG_ImageA static (non-resizeable by the end user) frame with image
oCPG_LabelText label
oCPG_LineEditAn editable text box
oCPG_ListBoxA scrollable box that can hold any number of text items
oCPG_MenuBarA menubar. This class provides a MenuBar where you can snap in different PG_PopupMenu objects. Every item creates a button in the bar. By clicking the button the corresponding PopupMenu is opened
oCPG_MessageObjectBase class of all objects (provides message handling)
oCPG_NavigatorA class for widget navigation
oCPG_PointA wrapper for a point on the screen
oCPG_PopupMenuA stand-alone or attached popup menu
oCPG_ProgressBarA progress bar
oCPG_PropertyEditorWidget for editing properties
oCPG_PropertyField_DropDownDropDown selector for a PG_PropertyEditor
oCPG_PropertyField_IntDropDownDropDown selector for a PG_PropertyEditor
oCPG_RadioButtonA single radio button
oCPG_RectEncapsulation of the SDL_Rect structure
oCPG_RectListA list derived from vector to handle overlapping and child-widgets
oCPG_RichEditA optionay editable rich text flowing around child widgets. Generally used to make a large 'pane' of widgets and rich text that can be scrolled through in a smaller 'portal' with scrollbars
oCPG_ScreenUpdaterInterface for classes manage the updating of Paragui's screen
oCPG_ScrollAreaA widget containing other widgets which can be paned. With this widget you can create larger scrollable areas. This could be one larger client-widget or any number of widgets "spanning" the scrollable area. This widget doesn't provide scrollbars you can only move to a position by using the PG_ScrollArea::ScrollTo method
oCPG_ScrollBarA vertical or horizontal scrollbar
oCPG_ScrollWidgetEncapsulation of the PG_ScrollArea widget providing scrollbars
oCPG_SDLEventSupplierClasses which passes SDL_Events directly from SDL to Paragui
oCPG_SDLScreenUpdaterInterface for classes manage the updating of Paragui's screen
oCPG_SliderProvides a slider
oCPG_SpinnerBoxPG_SpinnerBox creates a textbox with attached increase/decrease buttons to control the numeric value
oCPG_ThemeTheme/style definition class
oCPG_ThemeWidgetBase class for themed widgets
oCPG_TimerObjectA class to handle periodical timers
oCPG_ToolTipHelpToolTip Help for widgets
oCPG_WidgetBase class of all widgets
oCPG_WidgetDnDDrag and drop handler
oCPG_WidgetListA group of widgets arranged in a list. Generally used to make a large 'pane' of widgets that can be scrolled through in a smaller 'portal' with scrollbars
oCPG_WindowA window inside the program (not a windowing environment window)
oCPG_XMLTagXML layout loading functions