Advanced Strategic Command
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admingame.h File Reference
#include "loki/Functor.h"
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typedef Loki::Functor< void,
LOKI_TYPELIST_1(GameMap *) > 


bool adminGame (GameMap *actmap, TurnSkipper *turnSkipper=NULL)

Typedef Documentation

typedef Loki::Functor<void, LOKI_TYPELIST_1(GameMap*) > TurnSkipper

Definition at line 27 of file admingame.h.

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bool adminGame ( GameMap actmap,
TurnSkipper turnSkipper = NULL 

Definition at line 387 of file admingame.cpp.

References AdminGameWindow::GetStatus(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by execaction_pg(), and networksupervisor().