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alliancesetup.h File Reference
#include <map>
#include <pgscrollwidget.h>
#include "../gamemap.h"
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class  AllianceSetupWidget
class  AllianceSetupWidget::ApplyStrategy
class  DirectAllianceSetupStrategy


bool setupalliances (GameMap *actmap, AllianceSetupWidget::ApplyStrategy *strategy, bool supervisor=false)
 runs the Alliance-Setup dialog. More...

Function Documentation

bool setupalliances ( GameMap actmap,
AllianceSetupWidget::ApplyStrategy strategy,
bool  supervisor = false 

runs the Alliance-Setup dialog.

if the view should be recalculated

Definition at line 368 of file alliancesetup.cpp.

References AllianceSetupWindow::isSomethingChanged(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by editAlliances(), and execaction_pg().