Advanced Strategic Command
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void showAttackAnimation (tfight &battle, GameMap *actmap, int ad=-1, int dd=-1)
 Performs the calculation of the attack and displays the result on screen. More...

Function Documentation

void showAttackAnimation ( tfight battle,
GameMap actmap,
int  ad = -1,
int  dd = -1 

Performs the calculation of the attack and displays the result on screen.

The result is not written to the involved units, this must be done separately.

battleThe fight executer
actmapthe map upon which the battle is fought
adAttacker damage override (used for replays)
ddTarget damage override (used for replays)

Definition at line 292 of file attackpanel.cpp.

References tfight::tavalues::attackbonus, CGameOptions::attackspeed1, CGameOptions::attackspeed2, CGameOptions::attackspeed3, tfight::av, tfight::calc(), tfight::tavalues::damage, AttackFormula::defense_defensebonus(), tfight::tavalues::defensebonus, tfight::dv, tfight::getAttackingPlayer(), Player::getColor(), tfight::getDefendingPlayer(), tfight::tavalues::hemming, CGameOptions::Instance(), lighten_Color(), maxattackshown, BattleSoundPlayer::playEnd(), GameMap::player, releasetimeslice(), AttackFormula::strength_attackbonus(), ticker, and waitWithUpdate().

Referenced by PG_MapDisplay::showBattle().