Advanced Strategic Command
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base.cpp File Reference
#include "ai_common.h"
#include "../replaymapdisplay.h"
#include "../turncontrol.h"
#include "../widgets/textrenderer.h"
#include "../mapdisplay.h"
#include "../asc-mainscreen.h"
#include "../gameeventsystem.h"
#include "../actions/diplomacycommand.h"
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class  AI_KeyboardWatcher
class  FieldMarkingSuppressor


typedef Loki::Functor< void > CloseScreenCallback


const int currentAiStreamVersion = 104

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typedef Loki::Functor<void> CloseScreenCallback

Definition at line 159 of file base.cpp.

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const int currentAiStreamVersion = 104

Definition at line 475 of file base.cpp.

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