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buildingtypeselector.cpp File Reference
#include "buildingtypeselector.h"
#include "selectionwindow.h"
#include "unitinfodialog.h"
#include "../buildingtype.h"
#include "../iconrepository.h"
#include "../spfst.h"
#include "../unitset.h"
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bool BuildingComp (const BuildingType *v1, const BuildingType *v2)


const int buildingHeight = 5 * fielddisty + fieldsizey
const int buildingWidth = 4 * fielddistx

Function Documentation

bool BuildingComp ( const BuildingType v1,
const BuildingType v2 

Variable Documentation

const int buildingHeight = 5 * fielddisty + fieldsizey

Definition at line 29 of file buildingtypeselector.cpp.

Referenced by BuildingTypeBaseWidget::display().

const int buildingWidth = 4 * fielddistx