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ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters Class Reference

#include <windowing.h>

Public Member Functions

 WidgetParameters ()
void assign (PG_Widget *widget)
void assign (BarGraphWidget *widget)
void assign (PG_ThemeWidget *widget)
void assign (PG_Label *widget)
void runTextIO (PropertyReadingContainer &pc)

Public Attributes

ASCString backgroundImage
PG_Draw::BkMode backgroundMode
PG_Label::TextAlign textAlign
bool textAlign_defined
int fontColor
bool fontColor_defined
ASCString fontName
ASCString style
int fontAlpha
bool fontAlpha_defined
int fontSize
bool fontSize_defined
int backgroundColor
bool backgroundColor_defined
int transparency
bool transparency_defined
int bordersize
bool bordersize_defined
bool hidden

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file windowing.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::WidgetParameters ( )

Definition at line 146 of file windowing.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::assign ( PG_Widget *  widget)
void ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::assign ( BarGraphWidget widget)

Definition at line 220 of file windowing.cpp.

References BarGraphWidget::setColor().

void ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::assign ( PG_ThemeWidget *  widget)

Definition at line 250 of file windowing.cpp.

References IconRepository::getIcon(), and hasTransparency().

void ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::assign ( PG_Label *  widget)

Definition at line 272 of file windowing.cpp.

void ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::runTextIO ( PropertyReadingContainer pc)

Member Data Documentation

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::backgroundColor

Definition at line 61 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::backgroundColor_defined

Definition at line 62 of file windowing.h.

ASCString ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::backgroundImage

Definition at line 44 of file windowing.h.

PG_Draw::BkMode ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::backgroundMode

Definition at line 45 of file windowing.h.

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::bordersize

Definition at line 67 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::bordersize_defined

Definition at line 68 of file windowing.h.

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontAlpha

Definition at line 55 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontAlpha_defined

Definition at line 56 of file windowing.h.

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontColor

Definition at line 50 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontColor_defined

Definition at line 51 of file windowing.h.

ASCString ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontName

Definition at line 53 of file windowing.h.

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontSize

Definition at line 58 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::fontSize_defined

Definition at line 59 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::hidden

Definition at line 69 of file windowing.h.

ASCString ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::style

Definition at line 54 of file windowing.h.

PG_Label::TextAlign ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::textAlign

Definition at line 47 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::textAlign_defined

Definition at line 48 of file windowing.h.

int ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::transparency

Definition at line 64 of file windowing.h.

bool ASCGUI_Window::WidgetParameters::transparency_defined

Definition at line 65 of file windowing.h.

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