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AStar3D::PathPoint Class Reference

#include <astar2.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PathPoint (const MapCoordinate3D &mc, int dist_, int enterHeight_, bool hasAttacked_)
int getRealHeight ()
MapCoordinate3D getRealPos ()
void write (tnstream &stream) const
void read (tnstream &stream)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MapCoordinate3D
int getBitmappedHeight () const
int getNumericalHeight () const
void setNumericalHeight (int nh)
 MapCoordinate3D ()
 MapCoordinate3D (int _x, int _y, int bitmappedz)
bool operator< (const MapCoordinate3D &mc) const
 MapCoordinate3D (const MapCoordinate &mc, int bitmappedHeight)
void setnum (int _x, int _y, int numericalz)
bool operator== (const MapCoordinate3D &mc) const
bool operator!= (const MapCoordinate3D &mc) const
void write (tnstream &stream) const
void read (tnstream &stream)
ASCString toString (bool coordinates=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MapCoordinate
 MapCoordinate ()
 MapCoordinate (int _x, int _y)
bool operator< (const MapCoordinate &mc) const
bool operator== (const MapCoordinate &mc) const
bool operator!= (const MapCoordinate &mc) const
MapCoordinateoperator+= (const MapCoodinateVector &delta)
void write (tnstream &stream) const
void read (tnstream &stream)
bool valid () const
void move (int width, int height)
ASCString toString (bool coordinates=false) const

Static Public Member Functions

static PathPoint newFromStream (tnstream &stream)

Public Attributes

int dist
int enterHeight
bool hasAttacked
- Public Attributes inherited from MapCoordinate
int x
int y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file astar2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AStar3D::PathPoint::PathPoint ( const MapCoordinate3D mc,
int  dist_,
int  enterHeight_,
bool  hasAttacked_ 

Definition at line 36 of file astar2.h.

Member Function Documentation

int AStar3D::PathPoint::getRealHeight ( )

Definition at line 38 of file astar2.h.

References enterHeight, and MapCoordinate3D::getNumericalHeight().

Referenced by getRealPos().

MapCoordinate3D AStar3D::PathPoint::getRealPos ( )
AStar3D::PathPoint AStar3D::PathPoint::newFromStream ( tnstream stream)

Definition at line 612 of file astar2.cpp.

References read().

void AStar3D::PathPoint::read ( tnstream stream)

Definition at line 602 of file astar2.cpp.

References AStar3D::dist(), MapCoordinate::read(), and tnstream::readInt().

Referenced by newFromStream().

void AStar3D::PathPoint::write ( tnstream stream) const

Definition at line 593 of file astar2.cpp.

References dist, enterHeight, hasAttacked, MapCoordinate::write(), and tnstream::writeInt().

Member Data Documentation

int AStar3D::PathPoint::dist

Definition at line 39 of file astar2.h.

Referenced by write().

int AStar3D::PathPoint::enterHeight

Definition at line 41 of file astar2.h.

Referenced by getRealHeight(), and write().

bool AStar3D::PathPoint::hasAttacked

Definition at line 42 of file astar2.h.

Referenced by write().

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