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CopyMap Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CopyMap ()
 ~CopyMap ()
bool paste ()
void copy ()
void selectArea ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FieldAddressing
void setField (const MapCoordinate &pos)
void setPolygon (const Poly_gon &poly_gon)
void setGlobal ()
virtual ~FieldAddressing ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ASC_PG_Dialog
 ASC_PG_Dialog (PG_Widget *parent, const PG_Rect &r, const ASCString &windowtext, WindowFlags flags=DEFAULT, const ASCString &style="Window", int heightTitlebar=25)
PG_Button * AddStandardButton (const ASCString &name)
void StandardButtonDirection (StandardButtonDirectonType dir)
int RunModal ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void fieldOperator (const MapCoordinate &point)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FieldAddressing
 FieldAddressing (GameMap *&gamemap)
void readMapModificationData (tnstream &stream)
void writeMapModificationData (tnstream &stream)
void operate ()
void setpointabs (int x, int y)
void setup ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PolygonPainterSquareCoordinate
virtual void setpoint (int x, int y)
void setspecificpoint (int x, int y)
bool paintPolygon (const Poly_gon &poly)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PolygonPainter< Poly_gon >
virtual void sortpolygon (Poly_gon &a)
virtual void painttriangle (typename Poly_gon::Point p[])
virtual void painthorizline (int x1, int x2, int y)
virtual void paintline (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
virtual int getpolydir (const Poly_gon &a)
virtual double getsegmentdir (int dx, int dy)
virtual bool checkpolygon (const Poly_gon &poly)
 returns true if polygon correct More...
virtual bool checkline (typename Poly_gon::Point a, typename Poly_gon::Point b, typename Poly_gon::Point d, typename Poly_gon::Point e)
 returns true if lines a-b and c-d don't intersect More...
virtual ~PolygonPainter ()
bool paintPolygon (const Poly_gon &poly)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ASC_PG_Dialog
virtual bool closeWindow ()
bool quitModalLoopW (PG_Button *button, int value)
bool quitModalLoop (int value)
virtual bool eventKeyDown (const SDL_KeyboardEvent *key)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FieldAddressing
typedef vector< MapCoordinateFields
typedef vector< Poly_gonPolygons
- Public Types inherited from ASC_PG_Dialog
enum  StandardButtonDirectonType { Vertical, Horizontal }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ASC_PG_Dialog
static PG_Rect centerRectangle (const PG_Rect &rect)
- Protected Types inherited from FieldAddressing
enum  AddressingMode { none, singleField, poly, global }
- Protected Attributes inherited from FieldAddressing
AddressingMode addressingMode
Fields fields
Polygons polygons
- Protected Attributes inherited from ASC_PG_Dialog
PG_MessageObject * caller

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3257 of file edmisc.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CopyMap::CopyMap ( )

Definition at line 3304 of file edmisc.cpp.

References FieldAddressing::addressingMode, paste(), and FieldAddressing::poly.

CopyMap::~CopyMap ( )

Definition at line 3469 of file edmisc.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CopyMap::copy ( )
void CopyMap::fieldOperator ( const MapCoordinate point)
bool CopyMap::paste ( )
void CopyMap::selectArea ( )

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