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PropertyReadingContainer Class Reference

#include <textfile_evaluation.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ASCString getLocation ()
virtual ASCString getFileName ()
virtual ASCString getArchive ()
 PropertyReadingContainer (const ASCString &baseName, TextPropertyGroup *tpg)
 ~PropertyReadingContainer ()
void writeProperty (Property &p, const ASCString &value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PropertyContainer
virtual void openBracket (const ASCString &name)
virtual void closeBracket ()
ASCString getNameStack ()
void addString (const ASCString &name, ASCString &property)
void addString (const ASCString &name, ASCString &property, const ASCString &defaultValue)
void addStringArray (const ASCString &name, vector< ASCString > &property)
void addInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property)
void addInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property, int defaultValue)
void addDFloat (const ASCString &name, double &property)
void addDFloat (const ASCString &name, double &property, double defaultValue)
void addIntegerArray (const ASCString &name, vector< int > &property, bool required=true)
void addDFloatArray (const ASCString &name, vector< double > &property)
void addDFloatArray (const ASCString &name, vector< int > &property)
void addIntRangeArray (const ASCString &name, vector< IntRange > &property, bool required=true)
void addTagArray (const ASCString &name, BitSet &property, int tagNum, const char **tags, bool inverted=false)
void addTagInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property, int tagNum, const char **tags, bool inverted=false)
void addTagInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property, int tagNum, const char **tags, int defaultValue, bool inverted=false)
void addNamedInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property, int tagNum, const char **tags)
void addNamedInteger (const ASCString &name, int &property, int tagNum, const char **tags, int defaultValue)
void addBreakpoint ()
void addImage (const ASCString &name, Surface &property, ASCString &fileName, bool applyFieldMask)
void addImageArray (const ASCString &name, vector< Surface > &property, ASCString &fileName)
void addBool (const ASCString &name, bool &property)
void addBool (const ASCString &name, bool &property, bool defaultValue)
void storeContext (const ASCString &label)
bool restoreContext (const ASCString &label)
bool isReading ()
void warning (const ASCString &errmsg)
void error (const ASCString &errmsg)
bool find (const ASCString &name)
virtual ~PropertyContainer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PropertyContainer
typedef PointerList< Property * > Properties
- Public Attributes inherited from PropertyContainer
Properties properties
- Protected Types inherited from PropertyContainer
typedef list< ASCStringLevel
typedef map< ASCString, pair
< int, Level > > 
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PropertyContainer
 PropertyContainer (const ASCString &baseName, TextPropertyGroup *tpg, bool reading_)
- Protected Attributes inherited from PropertyContainer
int levelDepth
Level level
StoredContext storedContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 129 of file textfile_evaluation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PropertyReadingContainer::PropertyReadingContainer ( const ASCString baseName,
TextPropertyGroup tpg 

Definition at line 569 of file textfile_evaluation.cpp.

References PropertyContainer::openBracket().

PropertyReadingContainer::~PropertyReadingContainer ( )

Definition at line 575 of file textfile_evaluation.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ASCString PropertyReadingContainer::getArchive ( )
virtual ASCString PropertyReadingContainer::getFileName ( )
virtual ASCString PropertyReadingContainer::getLocation ( )
void PropertyReadingContainer::writeProperty ( Property p,
const ASCString value 

Implements PropertyContainer.

Definition at line 270 of file textfile_evaluation.cpp.

References fatalError().

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