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StartMultiplayerGame Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StartMultiplayerGame (PG_MessageObject *c)
 ~StartMultiplayerGame ()
bool getSuccess ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConfigurableWindow
 ConfigurableWindow (PG_Widget *parent, const PG_Rect &r, const ASCString &panelName_, bool loadTheme=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ASCGUI_Window
void setLabelText (const ASCString &widgetName, const ASCString &text, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setLabelText (const ASCString &widgetName, int i, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setLabelColor (const ASCString &widgetName, PG_Color color, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setImage (const ASCString &widgetName, Surface &image, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setImage (const ASCString &widgetName, SDL_Surface *image=NULL, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setImage (const ASCString &widgetName, const ASCString &filename, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void hide (const ASCString &widgetName, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void show (const ASCString &widgetName, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setBargraphValue (const ASCString &widgetName, float fraction, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setBarGraphColor (const ASCString &widgetName, PG_Color color, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void rename (const ASCString &widgetName, const ASCString &newname, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
void setWidgetTransparency (const ASCString &widgetName, int transparency, PG_Widget *parent=NULL)
int RunModal ()

Protected Member Functions

void userHandler (const ASCString &label, PropertyReadingContainer &pc, PG_Widget *parent, WidgetParameters widgetParams)
bool start ()
bool Apply ()
bool eventKeyDown (const SDL_KeyboardEvent *key)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConfigurableWindow
WidgetParameters getDefaultWidgetParams ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ASCGUI_Window
bool setup ()
void parsePanelASCTXT (PropertyReadingContainer &pc, PG_Widget *parent, WidgetParameters widgetParams)
 ASCGUI_Window (PG_Widget *parent, const PG_Rect &r, const ASCString &panelName_, const ASCString &baseStyle="Panel", bool loadTheme=true)
 ~ASCGUI_Window ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from ASCGUI_Window
typedef deallocating_map
< ASCString, TextPropertyGroup * > 
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ASCGUI_Window
static PG_Rect parseRect (PropertyReadingContainer &pc, PG_Widget *parent)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ASCGUI_Window
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ASCGUI_Window
static GuiCache guiCache

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file newgame.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StartMultiplayerGame::StartMultiplayerGame ( PG_MessageObject *  c)

Definition at line 221 of file newgame.cpp.

References ASCGUI_Window::setup(), and start().

StartMultiplayerGame::~StartMultiplayerGame ( )

Definition at line 277 of file newgame.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool StartMultiplayerGame::Apply ( )
bool StartMultiplayerGame::eventKeyDown ( const SDL_KeyboardEvent *  key)

Definition at line 189 of file newgame.cpp.

bool StartMultiplayerGame::getSuccess ( )

Definition at line 202 of file newgame.cpp.

Referenced by startMultiplayerGame().

bool StartMultiplayerGame::start ( )
void StartMultiplayerGame::userHandler ( const ASCString label,
PropertyReadingContainer pc,
PG_Widget *  parent,
WidgetParameters  widgetParams 

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