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TextPropertyGroup Class Reference

Class that stores all the (preparsed) entries of an .ASCTXT file. More...

#include <textfileparser.h>


class  Entry

Public Types

typedef vector< Entry * > Matches
typedef list< TextPropertyGroup * > Parents

Public Member Functions

 TextPropertyGroup ()
void addEntry (const Entry &entry)
Entryfind (const ASCString &n)
void findMatches (const ASCString &name, const ASCString &name_without_dot, Matches &matches)
int evalID ()
void buildInheritance (TextPropertyList &tpl)
void resolveAllAlias ()
bool isAbstract ()
void print (int indent=0)

Public Attributes

Parents parents
ASCString fileName
ASCString location
ASCString archive
ASCString typeName
 the name of the structure. For example "VehicleType" More...

Protected Member Functions

void error (const ASCString &msg, bool printInheritance=true)
bool processAlias (Entry &e, Entries &entriesToAdd, EntryPointerList &markAsResolved)
int findGeneration (Entry *e)
ASCString listInheritanceFilenames ()

Detailed Description

Class that stores all the (preparsed) entries of an .ASCTXT file.

The entries consist of a PropertyName, an operator and a value, but don't have any type information

Definition at line 52 of file textfileparser.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 85 of file textfileparser.h.

Definition at line 88 of file textfileparser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TextPropertyGroup::TextPropertyGroup ( )

Definition at line 57 of file textfileparser.h.

Referenced by TextFormatParser::run().

Member Function Documentation

void TextPropertyGroup::addEntry ( const Entry entry)

Definition at line 369 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References TextPropertyGroup::Entry::propertyName.

Referenced by resolveAllAlias().

void TextPropertyGroup::buildInheritance ( TextPropertyList tpl)
void TextPropertyGroup::error ( const ASCString msg,
bool  printInheritance = true 
int TextPropertyGroup::evalID ( )

Definition at line 333 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References PropertyContainer::addInteger(), and typeName.

TextPropertyGroup::Entry * TextPropertyGroup::find ( const ASCString n)
int TextPropertyGroup::findGeneration ( Entry e)

Definition at line 212 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References parents.

Referenced by processAlias().

void TextPropertyGroup::findMatches ( const ASCString name,
const ASCString name_without_dot,
Matches matches 

Definition at line 358 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References parents.

Referenced by processAlias().

bool TextPropertyGroup::isAbstract ( )

Definition at line 102 of file textfileparser.h.

ASCString TextPropertyGroup::listInheritanceFilenames ( )

Definition at line 154 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References location, and parents.

Referenced by error().

void TextPropertyGroup::print ( int  indent = 0)

Definition at line 80 of file textfileparser.cpp.

References displayLogMessage(), and parents.

Referenced by resolveAllAlias().

bool TextPropertyGroup::processAlias ( Entry e,
Entries &  entriesToAdd,
EntryPointerList &  markAsResolved 
void TextPropertyGroup::resolveAllAlias ( )

Member Data Documentation

ASCString TextPropertyGroup::archive

Definition at line 93 of file textfileparser.h.

Referenced by PropertyReadingContainer::getArchive().

ASCString TextPropertyGroup::fileName
ASCString TextPropertyGroup::location
Parents TextPropertyGroup::parents
ASCString TextPropertyGroup::typeName

the name of the structure. For example "VehicleType"

Definition at line 96 of file textfileparser.h.

Referenced by buildInheritance(), evalID(), loadalltextfiles(), and resolveAllAlias().

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