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UnitAttacksUnit_FakeHemming Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 UnitAttacksUnit_FakeHemming (AI *ai, Vehicle *attacker, Vehicle *defender, Vehicle **_neighbours)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tunitattacksunit
 tunitattacksunit (Vehicle *&attackingunit, Vehicle *&attackedunit, bool respond=true, int weapon=-1, bool reactionfire=false)
void setup (Vehicle *&attackingunit, Vehicle *&attackedunit, bool respond, int weapon)
void setresult (const Context &context)
 Writes the result of the attack calculation to the actual units. More...
void visit (FightVisitor &visitor)
VehiclegetTarget ()
int getDefendingPlayer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAttacksSomething
VehiclegetAttackingUnit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from tfight
void calc (void)
 Performs the calculation of the attack. The result is only stored in the av and dv structures and is not written to the map. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AttackFormula
 AttackFormula (GameMap *gamemap)
float strength_experience (int experience)
float strength_damage (int damage)
float strength_attackbonus (int abonus)
float strength_hemming (int ax, int ay, Vehicle *d_eht)
float defense_experience (int experience)
float defense_defensebonus (int defensebonus)
int getIconIndex (int experience, bool offensive)
virtual ~AttackFormula ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AttackFormula
static float getHemmingFactor (int relDir)
- Public Attributes inherited from tfight
struct tfight::tavalues av
struct tfight::tavalues dv
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AttackFormula
static const int experienceIcons = 24
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UnitAttacksSomething
 UnitAttacksSomething (GameMap *gamemap)
int getAttackingPlayer ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tfight
 tfight (GameMap *gamemap)
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitAttacksSomething
- Protected Attributes inherited from tfight
int dist
- Protected Attributes inherited from AttackFormula

Detailed Description

Definition at line 980 of file tactics.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UnitAttacksUnit_FakeHemming::UnitAttacksUnit_FakeHemming ( AI ai,
Vehicle attacker,
Vehicle defender,
Vehicle **  _neighbours 

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