Advanced Strategic Command
containerbasetype.cpp File Reference
#include "containerbasetype.h"
#include "textfiletags.h"
#include "textfile_evaluation.h"
#include "vehicletype.h"
#include "graphics/blitter.h"
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const char * ccontainerfunctions [ContainerBaseType::functionNum+1]
const int containerBaseTypeVersion = 8
const int containerBaseTypeTransportVersion = 3

Variable Documentation

const char* ccontainerfunctions[ContainerBaseType::functionNum+1]

Definition at line 25 of file containerbasetype.cpp.

Referenced by ContainerBaseType::getFunctionName().

const int containerBaseTypeTransportVersion = 3
const int containerBaseTypeVersion = 8

Definition at line 298 of file containerbasetype.cpp.

Referenced by ContainerBaseType::read(), and ContainerBaseType::write().