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controls.h File Reference
#include "typen.h"
#include "astar2.h"
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#define controlsH


pair< int, int > calcMoveMalus (const MapCoordinate3D &start, const MapCoordinate3D &dest, const Vehicle *vehicle, WindMovement *wm=NULL, bool *inhibitAttack=NULL, bool container2container=false)
bool checkUnitsForCrash (Player &player, ASCString &text)

Detailed Description

Controlling units (which is graudally moved to vehicletype.cpp and unitctrl.cpp ); Resource networks Things that are run when starting and ending someones turn

Definition in file controls.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define controlsH

Definition at line 33 of file controls.h.

Function Documentation

pair<int,int> calcMoveMalus ( const MapCoordinate3D start,
const MapCoordinate3D dest,
const Vehicle vehicle,
WindMovement wm = NULL,
bool *  inhibitAttack = NULL,
bool  container2container = false 
bool checkUnitsForCrash ( Player player,
ASCString text