Advanced Strategic Command
diplomacytest.cpp File Reference
#include "../gamemap.h"
#include "../loaders.h"
#include "diplomacytest.h"
#include "unittestutil.h"
#include "spfst.h"
#include "../actions/diplomacycommand.h"
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void checkSymmetry (const Player &p0, const Player &p1)
void testDiplomacy1 ()
void testDiplomacy2 ()
void testDiplomacy3 ()
void testDiplomacy ()

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void checkSymmetry ( const Player p0,
const Player p1 
void testDiplomacy ( )

Definition at line 282 of file diplomacytest.cpp.

References testDiplomacy1(), and testDiplomacy2().

Referenced by runUnitTests().

void testDiplomacy1 ( )
void testDiplomacy2 ( )
void testDiplomacy3 ( )