Advanced Strategic Command
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ed_mapcomponent.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <paragui.h>
#include <pgwidget.h>
#include "mapitemtype.h"
#include "vehicletype.h"
#include "buildingtype.h"
#include "objecttype.h"
#include "objects.h"
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class  Placeable
class  MapComponent
 A MapComponent represents any kind of item that can be placed on the map by the user. More...
class  BasicItem< Item >
class  ItemTypeSelector< C >
class  VehicleItem
class  ItemTypeSelector< VehicleType >
class  BuildingItem
class  ItemTypeSelector< BuildingType >
class  ObjectItem
class  ItemTypeSelector< ObjectType >
class  TerrainItem
class  ItemTypeSelector< TerrainType >
class  MineItem
class  ItemTypeSelector< MineType >
class  LuaBrush


sigc::signal< void > filtersChangedSignal

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sigc::signal<void> filtersChangedSignal

Definition at line 42 of file edselfnt.cpp.

Referenced by execaction(), selectunitsetfilter(), and showSelectionWindow().