Advanced Strategic Command
gamedlg.h File Reference
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void settributepayments (void)
void researchinfo (void)
void choosetechlevel (void)
void giveunitaway (MapField *fld, const Context &context)
void showGameParameters (void)
void showPlayerTime ()
void displaywindspeed ()
void sendGameParameterAsMail (GameMap *actmap)

Detailed Description

A lot of dialog boxes that are only used by both ASC.

Definition in file gamedlg.h.

Function Documentation

void choosetechlevel ( void  )
void displaywindspeed ( )
void giveunitaway ( MapField fld,
const Context context 
void researchinfo ( void  )
void sendGameParameterAsMail ( GameMap actmap)
void settributepayments ( void  )

Definition at line 255 of file gamedlg.cpp.

References tdialogbox::done(), ttributepayments::init(), and ttributepayments::run().

Referenced by executeUserAction().

void showGameParameters ( void  )

Definition at line 495 of file gamedlg.cpp.

References actmap, ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal(), and writeGameParametersToString().

Referenced by executeUserAction().

void showPlayerTime ( )