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gameevent_dialogs.h File Reference

Interface to game event dialogs. More...

#include <list>
#include "mappolygons.h"
#include "gameevents.h"
#include "dlg_box.h"
#include "research.h"
#include "researchexecution.h"
#include "dialogs/fieldmarker.h"
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class  ShowNewTechnology
class  ReinforcementSelector
class  BitMapEditor


void selectFields (FieldAddressing::Fields &fields)
bool chooseWeather (int &weather)
bool chooseTerrain (int &terrainID)
bool chooseObject (int &objectID)
void editpolygon (Poly_gon &poly)
void getxy_building (int *x, int *y)
int selectunit (int unitnetworkid)
void playerselall (int *playerbitmap)
bool chooseVehicleType (int &vehicleTypeID)

Detailed Description

Interface to game event dialogs.

Definition in file gameevent_dialogs.h.

Function Documentation

bool chooseObject ( int &  objectID)

Definition at line 99 of file gameevent_dialogs.cpp.

References objectTypeRepository, and selectItemID().

Referenced by AddObject::setup().

bool chooseTerrain ( int &  terrainID)

Definition at line 91 of file gameevent_dialogs.cpp.

References selectItemID(), and terrainTypeRepository.

Referenced by MapChange::setup().

bool chooseVehicleType ( int &  vehicleTypeID)

Definition at line 107 of file gameevent_dialogs.cpp.

References selectItemID(), and vehicleTypeRepository.

Referenced by AddProductionCapability::setup().

bool chooseWeather ( int &  weather)

Definition at line 73 of file gameevent_dialogs.cpp.

References chooseString(), cwettertypen, and cwettertypennum.

Referenced by WeatherChange::setup().

void editpolygon ( Poly_gon poly)
void getxy_building ( int *  x,
int *  y 
void playerselall ( int *  playerbitmap)
void selectFields ( FieldAddressing::Fields fields)

Definition at line 339 of file gameevent_dialogs.cpp.

References actmap, ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal(), and SelectFromMap::Show().

Referenced by FieldAddressing::setup().

int selectunit ( int  unitnetworkid)