Advanced Strategic Command
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guiiconhandler.h File Reference
#include "loki/Functor.h"
#include "loki/Typelist.h"
#include "graphics/surface.h"
#include "paradialog.h"
#include "typen.h"
#include "containerbase.h"
#include "dashboard.h"
#include "actions/command.h"
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class  GuiFunction
class  GuiButton
class  SmallGuiButton
class  GuiIconHandler
class  NewGuiHost


#define guiiconhandlerH


void resetActiveGuiAction (GameMap *map)


const int smallGuiIconSizeX
const int smallGuiIconSizeY

Macro Definition Documentation

#define guiiconhandlerH

Definition at line 29 of file guiiconhandler.h.

Function Documentation

void resetActiveGuiAction ( GameMap map)

Definition at line 739 of file guiiconhandler.cpp.

References GameMap::cleartemps(), NewGuiHost::pendingCommand, and repaintMap.

Referenced by redo(), and undo().

Variable Documentation

const int smallGuiIconSizeX
const int smallGuiIconSizeY