Advanced Strategic Command
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infodialogs.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "../loadbi3.h"
#include "../unitset.h"
#include "../statistics.h"
#include "unitcounting.h"
#include "../widgets/textrenderer.h"
#include "../containerbase-functions.h"
#include "../memory-measurement.h"
#include "../spfst-legacy.h"
#include "../i18n.h"
#include "../iconrepository.h"
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class  FontViewer


void showSearchPath ()
ASCString showSurfaceInfo (Surface &surface)
void showSDLInfo ()
void ammoCounter (const ContainerBase *c, map< int, int > &amount)
void showCargoSummary (MapField *fld)
void viewFont ()
void resourceAnalysis ()
void showUnitEndurance ()
void showMemoryFootprint ()
void viewMiningPower ()
void createUnitCostList ()

Function Documentation

void ammoCounter ( const ContainerBase c,
map< int, int > &  amount 
void createUnitCostList ( )
void resourceAnalysis ( )
void showCargoSummary ( MapField fld)
void showMemoryFootprint ( )
void showSDLInfo ( )
void showSearchPath ( )
ASCString showSurfaceInfo ( Surface surface)

Definition at line 59 of file infodialogs.cpp.

References Surface::getBaseSurface(), and ASCString::toString().

Referenced by showSDLInfo().

void showUnitEndurance ( )
void viewFont ( )

Definition at line 227 of file infodialogs.cpp.

References ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by executeUserAction().

void viewMiningPower ( )