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map2pcx.cpp File Reference
#include <memory>
#include "typen.h"
#include "loaders.h"
#include "loadpcx.h"
#include "loadbi3.h"
#include "errors.h"
#include "gameoptions.h"
#include "mapdisplay.h"
#include "dialog.h"
#include "strtmesg.h"
#include "itemrepository.h"
#include "memorycheck.cpp"
#include "graphicset.h"
#include "clparser/map2pcx.cpp"
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typedef vector< string > FilesToLoad


void loadcursor (void)
void loaddata (void)
pfont load_font (char *name)
void process_BI_map (const ASCString &filename)
void process_ASC_map (const ASCString &filename)
int mapeditorMainThread (void *_mapname)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


FilesToLoad filesToLoad
string outputDir

Detailed Description

map2pcx : A program to generate pcx images of maps. This is a separate program and not a module of the ASC main program or the mapeditor. This program is only used by Martin Bickel to create the images for the map archive.

Definition in file map2pcx.cpp.

Typedef Documentation

typedef vector<string> FilesToLoad

Definition at line 115 of file map2pcx.cpp.

Function Documentation

pfont load_font ( char *  name)

Definition at line 119 of file map2pcx.cpp.

References loadfont(), and tnstream::reading.

Referenced by main().

void loadcursor ( void  )
void loaddata ( void  )
int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 
int mapeditorMainThread ( void *  _mapname)
void process_ASC_map ( const ASCString filename)
void process_BI_map ( const ASCString filename)

Variable Documentation

FilesToLoad filesToLoad

Definition at line 116 of file map2pcx.cpp.

Referenced by main(), and mapeditorMainThread().

string outputDir

Definition at line 125 of file map2pcx.cpp.

Referenced by main(), process_ASC_map(), and process_BI_map().