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mapdisplay.cpp File Reference

everything for displaying the map on the screen More...

#include <cmath>
#include <limits>
#include <sstream>
#include "pgeventsupplier.h"
#include "global.h"
#include "typen.h"
#include "mapdisplay.h"
#include "vehicletype.h"
#include "buildingtype.h"
#include "spfst.h"
#include "dialog.h"
#include "loaders.h"
#include "gameoptions.h"
#include "loadbi3.h"
#include "mapalgorithms.h"
#include "graphicset.h"
#include "graphics/blitter.h"
#include "graphics/drawing.h"
#include "loadpcx.h"
#include "iconrepository.h"
#include "mainscreenwidget.h"
#include "sdl/sound.h"
#include "spfst-legacy.h"
#include "dialogs/attackpanel.h"
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class  ContainerInfoLayer
class  ResourceGraphLayer
class  PipeLayer
class  ReactionFireLayer
class  UnitInfoLayer
class  UnitTrainingLayer
class  WeaponRange
class  PixSel< pixelSize >
class  SourcePixelSelector_DirectSubRectangle< pixelsize >
class  MovePixSel< pixelSize >


void benchMapDisplay ()
void filterQueuedZoomEvents ()
bool ccompare (const MapCoordinate &a, const MapCoordinate &b)


bool tempsvisible = true
sigc::signal< void > lockMapdisplay
sigc::signal< void > unlockMapdisplay
MapDisplayPGtheGlobalMapDisplay = NULL
int lockdisplaymap = 0

Detailed Description

everything for displaying the map on the screen

Definition in file mapdisplay.cpp.

Function Documentation

void benchMapDisplay ( )

Definition at line 586 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

bool ccompare ( const MapCoordinate a,
const MapCoordinate b 

Definition at line 1372 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

References MapCoordinate::x, and MapCoordinate::y.

Referenced by MapDisplayPG::displayUnitMovement().

void filterQueuedZoomEvents ( )

Variable Documentation

int lockdisplaymap = 0

Definition at line 1826 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

sigc::signal<void> lockMapdisplay

Definition at line 67 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

Referenced by OverviewMapPanel::OverviewMapPanel().

bool tempsvisible = true

Definition at line 64 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

Referenced by MapRenderer::paintSingleField(), and PG_MapDisplay::setTempView().

MapDisplayPG* theGlobalMapDisplay = NULL

Definition at line 607 of file mapdisplay.cpp.

sigc::signal<void> unlockMapdisplay