Advanced Strategic Command
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mapedcommands.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "../ascstring.h"
#include "../vehicle.h"
#include "../gamemap.h"
#include "../spfst.h"
#include "../spfst-legacy.h"
#include "../itemrepository.h"
#include "../dlg_box.h"
#include "mapedcommands.h"
#include "../ed_mapcomponent.h"
#include "../dialogs/fieldmarker.h"
#include "../edglobal.h"
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class  LuaFieldSearcher


void clearField (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &pos)
ObjectplaceObject (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &pos, const ObjectType *obj, bool force)
BuildingplaceBuilding (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &pos, const BuildingType *bld, int owner)
VehicleplaceUnit (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &pos, const VehicleType *veh, int owner)
bool placeTerrain (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &pos, const TerrainType *terrain, int weather)
int selectPlayer (GameMap *map)
FieldVector getFieldsInDistance (GameMap *map, const MapCoordinate &position, int distance)
MapCoordinate selectPosition ()
Resources putResources (ContainerBase *container, const Resources &resources)
void setReactionFire (Vehicle *vehicle, bool state)
EditingEnvironment getEditingEnvironment ()

Function Documentation

void clearField ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate pos 
EditingEnvironment getEditingEnvironment ( )

Definition at line 190 of file mapedcommands.cpp.

FieldVector getFieldsInDistance ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate position,
int  distance 
Building* placeBuilding ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate pos,
const BuildingType bld,
int  owner 
Object* placeObject ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate pos,
const ObjectType obj,
bool  force 
bool placeTerrain ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate pos,
const TerrainType terrain,
int  weather 
Vehicle* placeUnit ( GameMap map,
const MapCoordinate pos,
const VehicleType veh,
int  owner 

Definition at line 63 of file mapedcommands.cpp.

References GameMap::getField(), VehicleItem::place(), and MapField::vehicle.

Resources putResources ( ContainerBase container,
const Resources resources 

Definition at line 166 of file mapedcommands.cpp.

References ContainerBase::getOwner(), and ContainerBase::putResource().

int selectPlayer ( GameMap map)

Definition at line 98 of file mapedcommands.cpp.

References chooseString(), Player::getName(), GameMap::player, and strrr().

MapCoordinate selectPosition ( )

Definition at line 153 of file mapedcommands.cpp.

References actmap, ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal(), and SelectFromMap::Show().

void setReactionFire ( Vehicle vehicle,
bool  state