Advanced Strategic Command
messagedlg.h File Reference
#include "messages.h"
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void editmessage (Message &msg)
void newmessage ()
void newreminder ()
void viewmessages (const char *title, const MessagePntrContainer &msgc, bool editable)
bool viewmessage (const Message &message)
 Views the message. More...
void editjournal ()
void viewjournal (bool showEmptyDialog)
void viewunreadmessages (Player &player)
void checkJournal (Player &player)

Function Documentation

void checkJournal ( Player player)
void editjournal ( )
void editmessage ( Message msg)
void newmessage ( )
void newreminder ( )

Definition at line 349 of file messagedlg.cpp.

References actmap, ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal(), and NewMessage::Show().

Referenced by executeUserAction().

void viewjournal ( bool  showEmptyDialog)
bool viewmessage ( const Message message)

Views the message.

returns true if the user requested to keep the message in his inbox

maybe we are running in text mode

Definition at line 572 of file messagedlg.cpp.

References IngameMessageViewer::getKeepMessage(), legacyEventSystemActive(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by viewunreadmessages().

void viewmessages ( const char *  title,
const MessagePntrContainer msgc,
bool  editable 

Definition at line 561 of file messagedlg.cpp.

References actmap, max(), min(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by executeUserAction().

void viewunreadmessages ( Player player)

this is hack to prevent several message windows popping up at once. The problem is that the idle handler of the first message viewer may trigger or evaluate further events, which may themself view new messages

Definition at line 621 of file messagedlg.cpp.

References Player::getParentMap(), GameMap::getPlayerView(), Player::getPosition(), Player::human, Player::oldmessage, Player::stat, Player::supervisor, Player::unreadmessage, and viewmessage().

Referenced by MapChangeCompleted::execute(), DisplayImmediateMessage::execute(), and hookGuiToMap().