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objecttype.h File Reference
#include "typen.h"
#include "terraintype.h"
#include "research.h"
#include "overviewmapimage.h"
#include "mapitemtype.h"
#include "mapfield.h"
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class  ObjectType
 An object that can be placed on fields. Roads, pipelines and ditches are examples of objects. More...
struct  ObjectType::FieldModification
struct  ObjectType::WeatherPicture
 the images of the objects More...




void ForestCalculation::smooth (int what, GameMap *gamemap, ObjectType *woodObj)
 automatically adjusting the pictures of woods and coasts to form coherent structures More...


const int objectDisplayingMethodNum = 5

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const int objectDisplayingMethodNum = 5

Definition at line 205 of file objecttype.h.

Referenced by ObjectType::runTextIO().