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paradialog.h File Reference

Dialog classes based on the Paragui library. More...

#include <vector>
#include "global.h"
#include <sigc++/sigc++.h>
#include <paragui.h>
#include <pgapplication.h>
#include <pgmessagebox.h>
#include <pgdropdown.h>
#include <pgcolor.h>
#include "pgbutton.h"
#include "pgwidgetlist.h"
#include "pglabel.h"
#include "pgwindow.h"
#include "pgscrollbar.h"
#include "pgradiobutton.h"
#include "pgthemewidget.h"
#include "pgcheckbutton.h"
#include "pgslider.h"
#include "pglistbox.h"
#include "pgpropertyeditor.h"
#include "sdl/graphics.h"
#include "ascstring.h"
#include "textfile_evaluation.h"
#include "graphics/drawing.h"
#include "util/messaginghub.h"
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class  StartupScreen
class  ASC_PG_App
class  WindowCounter
class  ASC_PG_Dialog
 Adapter class for using Paragui Dialogs in ASC. This class transfers the event control from ASC to Paragui and back. All new dialog classes should be derived from this class. More...
class  ASC_PropertyEditor
class  ColoredBar
class  SpecialDisplayWidget
class  SpecialInputWidget
class  Emboss
class  PG_StatusWindowData
class  BulkGraphicUpdates


ASC_PG_AppgetPGApplication ()
pair< int, int > new_chooseString (const ASCString &title, const vector< ASCString > &entries, const vector< ASCString > &buttons, int defaultEntry=-1)
bool MultiLineEditor (const ASCString &title, ASCString &textToEdit)
ASCString editString2 (const ASCString &title, const ASCString &defaultValue="")
 uses the new dialog engine More...
int choiceDialog (const ASCString &text, const ASCString &button1, const ASCString &button2, const ASCString &shortLabel)

Detailed Description

Dialog classes based on the Paragui library.

Definition in file paradialog.h.

Function Documentation

int choiceDialog ( const ASCString text,
const ASCString button1,
const ASCString button2,
const ASCString shortLabel 
ASCString editString2 ( const ASCString title,
const ASCString defaultValue = "" 

uses the new dialog engine

Definition at line 798 of file paradialog.cpp.

References StringEditor::GetEditedText(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

ASC_PG_App& getPGApplication ( )
bool MultiLineEditor ( const ASCString title,
ASCString textToEdit 
pair<int,int> new_chooseString ( const ASCString title,
const vector< ASCString > &  entries,
const vector< ASCString > &  buttons,
int  defaultEntry = -1 

Definition at line 712 of file paradialog.cpp.

References NewStringChooser::getButton(), NewStringChooser::getItem(), and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by chooseString(), and selectString().