Advanced Strategic Command
pwd_dlg.h File Reference
#include "../password.h"
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bool enterpassword (Password &pwd, bool firstTime=false, bool cancelAllowed=false, bool defaultAllowed=true, const ASCString &username="")

Function Documentation

bool enterpassword ( Password pwd,
bool  firstTime = false,
bool  cancelAllowed = false,
bool  defaultAllowed = true,
const ASCString username = "" 

opens a dialog box for entering a password.

pwdReference to a password class which may either contain a password or may be empty.
firstTimeIf true, the dialog will ask for a new password. If false and pwd is empty, the function returns immediately true. If pwd contains a password, a dialog pops up that will ask for the password
cancelAllowedIs there a cancel button (which will return false). If there is no cancel button and firsttime is false, there will be a exit button which will throw a NoMapLoaded exception when pressed.
defaultAllowedIf firstTime is also true, there will be default button which copies the CGameoptions::defaultPassword to pwd
true if password successfully entered. false if the cancel button has been pressed (if available). the current map will be deleted and a NoMapLoaded exception thrown if the exit button has been pressed (if available)

Definition at line 158 of file pwd_dlg.cpp.

References Password::empty(), CGameOptions::getDefaultPassword(), PasswordDialog::getSuccess(), CGameOptions::Instance(), and PasswordDialog::RunModal().

Referenced by authenticateUser(), changePassword(), k_loadmap(), and networksupervisor().