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sdlstretch.h File Reference
#include <SDL.h>
#include <SDL_types.h>
#include "../global.h"
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void SDL_StretchSurface (SDL_Surface *src_surface, SDL_Rect *src_rect, SDL_Surface *dst_surface, SDL_Rect *dst_rect, Uint32 *voiLUT=NULL)
void SDL_StretchSurface (SDL_Surface *src_surface, int xs1, int ys1, int xs2, int ys2, SDL_Surface *dst_surface, int xd1, int yd1, int xd2, int yd2, Uint32 *voiLUT=NULL)

Function Documentation

void SDL_StretchSurface ( SDL_Surface *  src_surface,
SDL_Rect *  src_rect,
SDL_Surface *  dst_surface,
SDL_Rect *  dst_rect,
Uint32 *  voiLUT = NULL 

Definition at line 203 of file sdlstretch.cpp.

References SDL_StretchSurface().

void SDL_StretchSurface ( SDL_Surface *  src_surface,
int  xs1,
int  ys1,
int  xs2,
int  ys2,
SDL_Surface *  dst_surface,
int  xd1,
int  yd1,
int  xd2,
int  yd2,
Uint32 *  voiLUT = NULL 

Definition at line 146 of file sdlstretch.cpp.

References RectStretchTemplate().

Referenced by SDL_StretchSurface(), and Surface::strech().