Advanced Strategic Command
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sgstream.h File Reference

The IO for many basic classes and structurs of ACS. More...

#include <vector>
#include "basestrm.h"
#include "loki/Singleton.h"
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class  ConfigurationFileLocatorCore


typedef Loki::SingletonHolder
< ConfigurationFileLocatorCore


void generatedirecpict (void *orgpict, void *direcpict)
void loadpalette ()
int readgameoptions (const ASCString &filename="")
bool writegameoptions (ASCString filename="")
ASCString getConfigFileName ()
void checkFileLoadability (const ASCString &filename)
void initFileIO (const ASCString &configFileName, int skipChecks=0)

Detailed Description

The IO for many basic classes and structurs of ACS.

Definition in file sgstream.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef Loki::SingletonHolder< ConfigurationFileLocatorCore > ConfigurationFileLocator

Definition at line 60 of file sgstream.h.

Function Documentation

void checkFileLoadability ( const ASCString filename)
void generatedirecpict ( void *  orgpict,
void *  direcpict 
ASCString getConfigFileName ( )

Definition at line 361 of file sgstream.cpp.

Referenced by initFileIO(), and showSearchPath().

void initFileIO ( const ASCString configFileName,
int  skipChecks = 0 
void loadpalette ( )
int readgameoptions ( const ASCString filename = "")
bool writegameoptions ( ASCString  filename = "")