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tdlgengine::tbutton Struct Reference

#include <dlg_box.h>

Public Attributes

int art
int x1
int y1
int x2
int y2
int id
int style
int status
const char * text
void * data
void * data2
int min
int max
int active
int keynum
tkey key [6]
int markedkeynum
tkey markedkey [6]
int scrollspeed
int pressed
int newpressed
int lasttick
const char ** entries
int entrynum

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file dlg_box.h.

Member Data Documentation

int tdlgengine::tbutton::active
int tdlgengine::tbutton::art
void* tdlgengine::tbutton::data
void* tdlgengine::tbutton::data2
const char** tdlgengine::tbutton::entries
int tdlgengine::tbutton::entrynum
int tdlgengine::tbutton::id
tkey tdlgengine::tbutton::key[6]

Definition at line 64 of file dlg_box.h.

Referenced by tdlgengine::addbutton(), tdlgengine::addkey(), and tdialogbox::run().

int tdlgengine::tbutton::keynum
int tdlgengine::tbutton::lasttick

Definition at line 71 of file dlg_box.h.

Referenced by tdlgengine::buttonpressed().

tkey tdlgengine::tbutton::markedkey[6]

Definition at line 67 of file dlg_box.h.

Referenced by tdlgengine::addbutton(), tdlgengine::addmarkedkey(), and tdialogbox::run().

int tdlgengine::tbutton::markedkeynum
int tdlgengine::tbutton::max
int tdlgengine::tbutton::min
int tdlgengine::tbutton::newpressed
tbutton* tdlgengine::tbutton::next
int tdlgengine::tbutton::pressed
int tdlgengine::tbutton::scrollspeed
int tdlgengine::tbutton::status
int tdlgengine::tbutton::style
const char* tdlgengine::tbutton::text
int tdlgengine::tbutton::x1
int tdlgengine::tbutton::x2
int tdlgengine::tbutton::y1
int tdlgengine::tbutton::y2

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