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surface.h File Reference
#include "../libs/sdlmm/src/sdlmm.h"
#include "../basestreaminterface.h"
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class  DI_Color
 A Device Independent color. Shamelessly pinched from Paragui to reduce coupling. More...
class  Surface
class  TypedSurfaceBase
class  TypedSurface< colorDepth >
class  SurfaceLock


typedef SDLmm::SPoint SPoint
typedef TypedSurface< 1 > Surface8
typedef TypedSurface< 4 > Surface32


template<int depth>
TypedSurface< depth > & castSurface (Surface &s)
void applyFieldMask (Surface &s, int x=0, int y=0, bool detectColorKey=true)
void applyLegacyFieldMask (Surface &s, int x=0, int y=0, bool detectColorKey=false)
 applies a field mask that uses FEFEFE Color as Colorkey to load old images More...
Surface rotateSurface (Surface &s, int degrees)

Typedef Documentation

typedef SDLmm::SPoint SPoint

Definition at line 27 of file surface.h.

typedef TypedSurface<4> Surface32

Definition at line 154 of file surface.h.

typedef TypedSurface<1> Surface8

Definition at line 153 of file surface.h.

Function Documentation

void applyFieldMask ( Surface s,
int  x = 0,
int  y = 0,
bool  detectColorKey = true 
void applyLegacyFieldMask ( Surface s,
int  x = 0,
int  y = 0,
bool  detectColorKey = false 
template<int depth>
TypedSurface<depth>& castSurface ( Surface s)

Definition at line 157 of file surface.h.

Surface rotateSurface ( Surface s,
int  degrees