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unitset.cpp File Reference
#include "unitset.h"
#include "vehicletype.h"
#include "buildingtype.h"
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void loadUnitSets (void)
int getUnitSetID (const VehicleType *veh)
int getUnitSetID (const BuildingType *bld)
bool vehicleComp (const VehicleType *v1, const VehicleType *v2)


UnitSets unitSets

Function Documentation

int getUnitSetID ( const VehicleType veh)
int getUnitSetID ( const BuildingType bld)

Definition at line 225 of file unitset.cpp.

References SingleUnitSet::building, and ContainerBaseType::id.

void loadUnitSets ( void  )
bool vehicleComp ( const VehicleType v1,
const VehicleType v2 

Variable Documentation

UnitSets unitSets

Definition at line 211 of file unitset.cpp.

Referenced by loadUnitSets(), UnitGuideWidget::UnitGuideWidget(), and viewUnitSetinfo().