Advanced Strategic Command
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unittestutil.h File Reference
#include "../ascstring.h"
#include "../errors.h"
#include "../actions/context.h"
#include "../vehicle.h"
#include "../turncontrol.h"
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class  TestFailure


GameMapstartMap (const ASCString &filename)
Context createTestingContext (GameMap *gamemap)
void testCargoMovement (Vehicle *veh, int movement)
void testCargoMovementMax (Vehicle *veh, int movement)
VehiclegetFirstCargo (ContainerBase *carrier)
void move (Vehicle *veh, const MapCoordinate &dest)
void move (Vehicle *veh, const MapCoordinate3D &dest)
void attack (Vehicle *veh, const MapCoordinate &target)

Function Documentation

void attack ( Vehicle veh,
const MapCoordinate target 
Context createTestingContext ( GameMap gamemap)
Vehicle* getFirstCargo ( ContainerBase carrier)

Definition at line 112 of file unittestutil.cpp.

References ContainerBase::getCargo().

Referenced by testRecycling(), and testTransferControl().

void move ( Vehicle veh,
const MapCoordinate dest 
void move ( Vehicle veh,
const MapCoordinate3D dest 
GameMap* startMap ( const ASCString filename)
void testCargoMovement ( Vehicle veh,
int  movement 
void testCargoMovementMax ( Vehicle veh,
int  movement