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weathercast.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include "pgimage.h"
#include "paradialog.h"
#include "weatherarea.h"
#include "dashboard.h"
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struct  WindAccu
class  WeatherPanel
class  Weathercast


typedef list< WindDataWindStack
typedef map< const WeatherArea
*, WindAccu


void weathercast ()

Typedef Documentation

typedef map<const WeatherArea*, WindAccu> WeatherMap

Definition at line 35 of file weathercast.h.

typedef list<WindData> WindStack

Definition at line 34 of file weathercast.h.

Function Documentation

void weathercast ( )

Definition at line 398 of file weathercast.cpp.

References actmap, and ASC_PG_Dialog::RunModal().

Referenced by executeUserAction().