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There are 4 different types of mines

The first two are used on land, the last two on water.

The strength of mines is determined by a base strength that depends on the type of mine and the strength of the weapon with which they were deployed. A weapon strength of 64 results in the mines having the base strength, with a weaponstrength of 128 they are twice as powerful.

Depending on the map parameter (which can be set for each map in the mapeditor) you can put more than one mine on a single field. The punch of each further mine adds only 2/3 of the punch of the previos mine. For example:

first mine: punch 120
second mine: punch 160
third mine: punch 140
Total punch: 120 + 160 * 2/3 + 140 * 4/9 = 288

You can move over the mines that you laid yourself, but the movemalus of the field is increased by 50% for each mine. For example, if there are three mine on a single field which has a movemalus of 12, the movemalus is increased to 12 + 3 * 12/2 = 30

By default mines have an unlimited lifetime. But with a set of gameparameters you can sepecify the lifetimes for each type of mine.

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