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Is it possible to take units from one campaign map to the next ?

No, this is not possible and it will not be possible. Such a function would be a positive feedback loop: If you play well, you will carry more experienced units to the next map. This causes the next map to be easier, so you will end up even better and will take even more units that are more experienced to third map...

If you lose a mission, you can't be sure that you did a mistake this mission. You might think that you played badly in the mission before, so perhaps you should play that mission again too, to finish it with better units. Or perhaps you should even re-play the last 5 missions? These doubts can ruin the fun playing a game, something I experienced in Homeworld.

To avoid this kind of positive feedback loop, each map will be self contained and your performance in one map will not effect the next map. It might however be possible that a campaign branches: The next map will be chosen depending on the (clearly defined) objectives that you achieved. This is different because you will know in advance that you have a choice and you will never be uncertain if you were good enough.

Having said this, I will definitly NOT implement anything else. So there is absolutely no need for any further discussion about the subject.

Last change: Mon, 2003-01-27 13:03

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