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An Aircraft usually needs several fields to change its level of height. The number of fields needed is called take off distance.

Most planes have a take off distance of 2 to 4 fields, helicopter and vertical takeoff planes have 0, they can start an land on one field.

A plane should have a movement on ground level of at least (take_off_distance +1)*10 to allow it to leave a building and take off in one turn.

If an airplane has used up all of its movement points, it has spend quite a lot of fuel to fly that distance. If the airplane will end it's turn with movement points still left, an additional fuel consumption of 50% of the remaining movepoints will be used. This is to prevents aircrafts from hovering in the air for longs periods of time.

Or, to say it in different words: the fuel consumption of a flying aircraft per turn will always be between 50% and 100% of the maximum fuel consumption (range * consumption per field), depending on the distance travelled.

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