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Reparing units and buildings

Units can be repaired by some buildings and by some other units. If a unit repairs another unit, the costs are: productioncost * ( damage / 100 ) / 2 . Fuel and material are used.

It is cheaper to repair units in buildings: productioncost * ( damage / 100 ) / 3 . Energy and material is used.

Some units have an autorepair-function, enabling them to repair themselves. The amount of damage they can repair each turn is specified for each unit. The repair costs are the same as if another unit would repair them.

When repairing units, their experience is reduced by one if each time their damage is reduced below one of these boundaries: 80, 60, 40, 20. Examples:

If Buildings are damaged, most can repair themselves. The efficiency is the same as if units were repaired by the building. But buildings may have a limit of the amount of damage that can be repaired in a single turn. So it may happen that, despite having enough resources, a total repair takes several turns. This has to be initiated again in each turn, it will not automatically continue till completion

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