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Reaction fire

Reaction fire is used to attack enemy units as soon as they approach. There are two kinds of units: units with the "Move with reaction fire on" flag can operate normally, while units without that flag can only attack, but don't perform any othere commands.

With Reaction fire on, a unit will attack any enemy unit automatically that comes into ReactionFire-range and view.

This means that an enemy unit will NOT be attacked if it is already in ReactionFire-range and view, even if it comes any nearer. Since you have already seen the unit and can attack manually, the reaction fire is preserved for any approaching units that were not attackable yet.

For each weapon of a unit the number of shots this weapon can perform is defined in the vehicle type.

After reaction fire for a unit has been enabled this unit can immediately attack, except when it has the wait-after-movement flag and has already moved this turn.

After disabling reaction fire the unit has to wait for the next turn to move again.

A unit that is being attacked by reaction fire will not retaliate.

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