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Resource management

ASC can be played in two different "resource modes":

Battle Isle Resource Mode

The Battle Isle Resource Mode is, as the name suggests, very similar to Battle Isle: All buildings can generate resources. The material is only available in the building it was produced in, while energy is stored in one global pool for all your buildings. Depending on a map parameter fuel is either handled like material or like energy. The amount of resources that is produced every turn has be set in the map editor when designing the map.

ASC Resource Mode

Mining station extract resources from the ground around their entrance, the fields one after the other. With increasing distance from the entrance the amount of extracted resources gets less and less. The graph on the mining-page in buildings shows this. The maximum distance to extract resources from is 10 fields.

The maximum amount of resources a mining station can extract per turn (distance 0 ) is specified for each type of building. The efficiency ( = resources_stored * 1024 / extracted_resources ) is specified there also. When designing a map the maximum extraction of a building can be further decreased.

You can search mineral resources with some units, the radius for the search is specified in the vehicle type. There are two functions a unit can have: "drill for mineral resources manually" and "search for mineral resources automatically". When designing units the manual search should only be used with ships and vehicles, while the automatic search is possible with ships, airplanes and even satellites.

The mining stations can see the mineral resources to and at their current mining position too.

With the key "1" you can toggle whether the resources are displayed in the main display as numbers, as bars, or not. The first number or bar shows the material, the second the fuel (in the game we generally use the order energy / material / fuel ).

For some detailed information about the parameters of buildings see Article 23.

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