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Alliances (in multiplayer games)

The alliances can be set in the lower table of the alliance dialogbox. If two players are allied, a green X is set where the row of one player and the columnof the other player intersect. To change this status, you can perform two actions: you may formally declare war, by setting the status to a red dot. The other player will be informed that you declare war on him. You may attack this player in the next turn (so he can prepare for your attack), when the status icon changed to a red X.

Or you can set the status directly to a red X and sneak attack him immediately. ALL players will be notified about this.

To ally with another player set the status to a green dot. This player will get a message that informs him about your peace proposal and he may accept the peace by setting his status to a green dot too. The next time you are at the turn the alliance is set indicated by a green X.

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