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creating building graphics

The following template can be used for designing buildings:


This is the maximum size that a building can have in ASC.

The coordinates of the fields have to be entered in the building definition file.

If the building is constructed in several stages, you have to specify one image for each construction stage. These images have to be in the same file, but at different coordinates. The first image is at coordinates x=0/y=0 (just like above image), the second image starts at x=500/y=0 ; the third one at x=1000/y=0 and so on.

If a building is destroyed, it can leave rubble objects behind. This is done by adding:

RubbleObjects = true
Rubble {
  A1 = 123
  A2 = 234

to the building definition file. For each field of the building specify its coordinate and the ID of the object that will appear when the building is destroyed. These objects are just ordinary objects.

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