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reporting bugs

Before reporting a bug, please make sure that you have really found a bug. If ASC crashes or displays an error message, it usually is a bug. If ASC behaves differently from what you are expecting, please check the Knowledgebase if it perhaps is a feature, not a bug.

Also check the website for a list of common error message and their solutions.

ASC is regularly updated. Check the website for updates. Perhaps the bug has already been found and fixed.

If you are sure to have found a bug and you are using the latest version of ASC, you must describe the bug precisely so that others can reproduce it. It is absolutely impossible to fix a bug that cannot be reproduced.

Always include a savegame and detailled instructions how to reproduce the bug. If you end your turn, ASC automatically generates the savegames autosav1.sav or autosav2.sav, which can be very helpful in reproducing the bug.

Please also mention whether you are using the Windows or the Linux version of ASC.

If you have gathered all these information, send them to

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