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Specifying which terrain can be accessed by units, objects and buildings

A field has a number of terrain properties. See the source for a list of all properties. The terrain properties of a field are the properties of the terraintype and all objects on that field.

A unit / building / object has 4 variables for specifying when the field is accessible and when not:

to access the field, at least one of the properties listed here must exist here. If not a single property is listed here, absolutely no field will be accessible.

All properties listed here must be found at the field. If no property is listed here, it doesn't matter.

If at least one of the properties listed here is present on the field, that field can NOT be accessed.

If a unit can not access a field, but it nevertheless is standing there, and one of the properties listed here is present on the field, the unit is killed.

An example: A tank is killed by deep water. But if there is a bridge over the water, there is the road property and the deep_water property on the field. Because the tank has road among the terrain_any, it can savely move across the field.

If the same tank is standing on a frozen lake and the ice is sudenly melting, there's only the deep_water property left. Now the field is not accessible any more, so the terrain_kill variable comes into action and finds the deep_water property. The tank is killed.

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