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creating unit, building and object graphics

When creating your own units graphics the file graphic templates/hexfield.pcx should be used as a template, for buildings graphic templates/building_raster.pcx. These files are located in the editor package of ASC.

The unit should fit into the hexagon. ASC will not crash if the unit is larger, but you might get ugly graphical artifacts and the units will overlap.

32 Bit graphics

32 bit graphics in PNG format with 8 bit alpha channel is the recommended graphics format for ASC2 and later.

For changing the colors of units and buildings, the following colors are reserved (R/G/B):


These pure red colors will be exchanged to the colors of the owner of a building or unit. If you need a red that is not changed, just increase the blue or greed component by one, which is nearly indistinguishable from the original color.

8 Bit graphics

The colors 16 - 23 (red colortone) will be shifted depending on the player who owns the vehicle. For the second player these colors will be shifted to 24 - 31 and so on. The color #255 is transparent so fill the remaining hexagon with this color when finished.

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