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Wind information

If you right-click on the small map, you can exchange it with an information window about the wind on the map.

Since ASC 1.13.0 the wind is the same for all altitudes, so the (A) icon is not used any more.

(B) shows the direction of the wind.

(C) displays the speed of the wind. If you have a cursor over a unit, the color indicates the danger for a unit. Some units (especially airplanes and small ships) are killed if the wind exceeds a certain speed. If the wind has at least 66% of the lethal speed the bars become yellow. At 90% they become red, so you should bring your unit immediately into savety. There is no color for 100%, because you will never be able to see it since your unit won't be there anymore if the wind gets that strong. Note that the number of bars shows the absolute speed while the color shows the relation to the currently selected units lethal speed.

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