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BuildingType and VehicleType functions in ASC2

The abilities of units and buildings have been merged in ASC2. This means, that most functions are available both for units and buildings, unit can for example setup production lines and produce units, or do research!

ASC1 had the following ASCTXT entries:

These can still be used for compatibility reasons, but to use the new features of ASC2, these entries must be removed and replaced by

You can EITHER use the old tags ("Functions", "Abilities") or the new tags ("Features"), but you can't mix them!

Available tags are:

   "NoObjectChaining",  // only for buildings and has only optical effects. Prevents hidden buildings from being detected by looking at nearby roads / pipelines / ...
   "onlyTransMove" ,

You can also check the definitive list of tags in the source code

Last change: Sun, 2008-01-06 5:41

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